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Beyond Encounters

How 25 outstanding students thrive in the U.S.
Chinese Version

"Through this collage of unique stories, we are presented with colorful imageries of what studying in the US is like.  The young writers’ personal triumphs shine through the words, because of their fortitude, perseverance, and their willingness to be open and curious.  As a Chinese student who came to the US for college more than two decades ago, our world has certainly changed, with Google, Facebook, Amazon, and Apple, but it is clear that the powerful spirit to learn and to challenge ourselves remain unchanged within with the younger generation."

­­­­——Zhi Zhou, Risk Executive, eBay

Recommended by Executive of Fortune 500 companies, the collection of stories of 25 outstanding international students in the United States. Their experience in IVY league schools, NGOs, academia, and startups are truly a treasure to offer a vivid reflection on their journey.

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